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Unsolicited Testimonials About SupraCaps

"I bought a bottle of SupraCaps from a friend who is a regular user of it. Great product by the way. Great product." R.H., New York

"I've been to eight doctors, including the Mayo Clinic. This is the first time I noticed a difference with a supplement. I’m recommending SupraCaps to my friends and relatives." D.E., New York

"I was given your vitamins, SupraCaps, by my health practitioner, and I loved them. I felt WONDERFUL." M.S., Arizona

"The reason I will reorder from you is the convenience of the packs, plus you have a lot of excellent supplements in your package. I’m always skeptical of using new supplements for fear they might not ‘work as well’ but yours do and I feel very comfortable using them." S.G., New York

"Excellent product, packaged well." K.S., New York

"What I like most is that SupraCaps are comprehensive for all my supplement needs." J.D., New York

"I’d like to place a reorder. It’s a great product. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but I felt a difference right away. Usually I don’t notice much from a supplement." J.J., California

"I feel you have given me a lot of help in several health matters. Keep up the good work." L.B., Pennsylvania

"I don’t know what it is, but I feel much stronger. I can work all day at my landscaping business and not get tired. And I used to take a lot of supplements from other companies." G.C., New Jersey

"I ran out of your vitamins for three weeks and I really noticed I had less energy. I take them mostly for preventive medicine. A while ago, my brother, who is a doctor, was visiting and he told me about some research on a "new" nutrient. I showed him a bottle of SupraCaps, and he said Yep, you got it in here—don’t worry about it." H.L., New York

"At a medical conference I was attending, I showed a nutritionist a can of SupraCaps and asked him if he knows of a better formula. He said that not only doesn't he, but he uses SupraCaps in his practice, too!" R.R., MD, California

"My sister was diagnosed with MS in 1991. She had little energy and was also somewhat depressed. Last year I sent her some bottles of your vitamins, SupraCaps. Within about 6 months, she lost all of her symptoms of MS! Now when I talk to her on the phone, the first thing she asks is when am I sending her more vitamins. By the way, my mother also loves them." M.R., New Jersey

"Your vitamins are fabulous. I’m sorry I took that other junk for so long." R.F., New York

"Before I place an order, I wanted to give you a testimonial from my brother: "I've been taking the SupraCaps for about three years, and I haven’t been sick the whole time. A couple of times I felt like I was coming down with something, but I would take an extra pack, and I didn't get sick. Great vitamins!" As a retailer and certified nutritionist, I have access to a lot of supplements. Even at wholesale prices, I can’t come up with a better combination of supplements for the same money." A.C., Connecticut

"My grandfather has heart problems, and he’s really perked up after taking your vitamins. And that’s not the half of what they’re good for. I have my whole family taking them." D.G., New Jersey

"I've been recommending your SupraCaps and I put your 800 number on a resource list. I’m HIV positive. Before I started taking your vitamins, I wasn’t doing too good. Now I feel fine and my liver enzymes are much better." J.G, Florida

"I like the packs, they are wonderful for me. I’m a dancer and have fibromyalgia and I feel like a different person when I take your vitamins. They really help." M.H., New Jersey

"I've been using your SupraCaps for about a year and a half and I think they’re excellent." A.A., California

"I just started taking your product. I’m pretty impressed with the work you've done. I showed it to my parents. I think it would be perfect for them as well." T.M., Pennsylvania

"Your vitamins are great!" I.C., New York

"A friend of mine went through surgery recently. I visited her and left some SupraCaps. Even though she only had four day's supply, she said she felt good and recovered very fast." I.C., California

"I was visiting a friend in Florida and she gave me some of your vitamins that she gets from her doctor. They made me feel really good. I’m a retired doctor, how can I buy them? R.D., MD, Montana

"Your SupraCaps give me more energy and I sleep better. I love them." P.B., New York

"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your vitamins. I have my whole family on them, plus some friends. I'd like to order a case. There are some fellow physicians that I want to show your vitamins to." M.S., MD, California

"Please give me a few brochures so I can give to friends. Your vitamins changed my life...I have energy and feel 100% better!" C.M., New Jersey

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